Since 19th Century the agriculture and cattle raising is one of the most important activities in the Argentine economy. That´s why the Estancias and the Gaucho becames also very important and famous in our culture.

Since many years ago the Estancias open their doors for locals and foreing visitors. Most of them are located in Buenos Aires Province and within La Pampa region.

Taking this tour you will have the oportunity to see this wonderfull region of Argentina, The Pampas,  and the City of San Antonio de Areco, the cradle of tradition.

In the Estancia you can also experience the horse ride and visit the historic house.  For lunch you will be invite with Empanadas and the tipical Argentine Asado (bbq).  After lunch there is a Folk music show of diferents rhythms from The Andes.

By the end of the day the Gauchos will make a show with their horses and many Gaucho skills.

Duration of the tour: 7 hs

Days: Every day

Time: From 9 AM.