Buenos Aires is famous all over the world becouse of Tango Music.

This tour goes into the areas were the Tango Music was born. You will discover places where normally the tourist dont go, becouse they are out of the touristic circuit. Thats why if you are planing a visit to Buenos Aires, this is a perfect tour for you. It is also an oportunity to see the City at nigth.

In Buenos Aires there are many Tango Shows and also many Milongas. The Milonga is a traditional Argentine tango dance hall.  Your guide will take you to one of those Milongas to experience the authentic Tango in it´s natural habitat. Once in the Milonga you have the chanse to take a Tango lesson with professional dancers and then there is time to dance or just enjoy watching and drinking a glass of Malbec wine.

The tour also includes the entrance fee to the Milonga and a drink per person.

Duration of the tour: 3 hs

Days: Every day

Time: From 21 hs