The Tigre City is located about 30 km away from the City of Buenos Aires and nowadays is one of the most popular places for weekends or summer holidays of the Porteños. Driving through the residences areas of San Isidro, San Fernando and Olivos neighborhoods we are going to see the most elegants and luxuries houses of the 19th Century. We will stop in San Isidro´ square to admire the Gotic Cathedral of San Isidro Labrador.

Once we get in Tigre City we will navigate around the Delta of the Parana River.  This Delta is one of the natural paradises just 1 hr away from the City Center.

It has the particularity that there are not bridges betwen the islands and the main land. That´s why the Delta has it´s own caracter and life style.  It is the perfect place to leave the noisy city behind and enjoy the «noise» of the nature…

The boat ride goes into the hundred rivers and canals. The Delta is also famous becouse of the open air fruits Market, rowing clubs and outstanding architecture.

Duration of the Tour: 5 hs

Days: Every day

Time: AM or PM.