It includes Plaza de Mayo ( May Square ), San Telmo, La Boca, Puero Madero, Palermo and Recoleta. This is the best idea for thoose visitors that have a short time in Buenos Aires. With this HD City Tour you will discover the oldest and bohemian disctricts, and the newest and most aristocratics neighborhoods of the City.  Plaza the Mayo has been witness of the most dramatic and joyfull days of Argentina. Continue the tour to San Telmo, a picturesque area that still preserve its cabbled stone streets and some colonial houses. nowadays there are many antiques shops and artist´s ateliers. Continue to La Boca you will visit the famous Caminito Street where you can breathe the bohemian air of La Boca. Full of art, La Boca has it´s own identity due to the Italian inmigration at 19 th Century. We continue to Puerto Madero, the second port of the City that today it became in the newest and most expensive residential area of BA. Leaving behind the Port and the south of the City you will see the most elegant areas. In Palermo you will see Japanese Park, the Rose Garden and the Botanic Garden. Palermo is also plenty of museums, like the Evita´s Museum, Malba Museun and the Fine Art Museum. To ends the tour we´ll visit Recoleta neighborhood and it´s Cemetry ( where Eva Perón is buried) . With it´s boulevard Avenues, parks and French palaces Recoleta is the most aristocratic neighborhood of the city. 

Duration of the Tour: 4 hs

Days: Every day

Time: AM or PM.